I had a vision of my future.

An image untainted by life’s cruel circumstances.

But as time goes on,

the image fades.

Little by little,

those that surround me fade away.

They realize their own images,

and I am left to mourn the silhouette

of what could have been.



Silence is piercing
The clamor augments my fear
Grant serenity

-Thomas Farmer
published in issue 49 of Haiku Journal

I’m Tired

I’m tired.
I’m tired of the the fight,
the constant struggle.
I just can’t seem to get it right.

I’m tired.
I have clawed my way out
one too many times
from this canyon that keeps appearing.

I’m tired.
My mind plays tricks.
My heart falls deeper.
My soul is crushed beneath the weight

I’m tired.
The back and forth-
It’s killing me.
From laughing to weeping in one fell swoop.

I’m tired.
Always masking the pain
even though they know.
The play is too much to handle.

I’m tired.
Waiting for the end.
Hoping it will come soon
yet fearing that my hopes will be answered.

I’m tired.